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Vincent Granville

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The Perfect Itinerary For A Day Trip To Paris

The city of Paris is known for their sweet treats, fantastic architecture, and for being the city of love. If you ever get the chance to visit Paris, even for a day, there are a few things that need to be on your itinerary.

Take a Walk Down the Champs Elysees

Begin your walk down at the Arc de Triomphe. If you want an amazing view of Paris, take the challenge and climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Although it is a bit of a climb, the view will take your breath away. After the Arc de Triomphe continue your stroll and visit some of the luxuries that Paris has to offer. From Louis Vuitton to Cartier, Paris is not short of designer labels.

Have a Picnic in the Jardin Des Tuileries

After a morning of walking, take a break from the sun underneath a shady tree. Have yourself a picnic with some of the greatest foods that Paris has to offer. Feast on a variety of pastries and bread including the best baguette you will ever have. If you feel you want to branch out of your comfort zone, maybe even try some escargot the iconic dish of France.

Snap a Photo in Front of the Louvre

The Lourve is a stunning glass pyramid is certainly one of the most recognizable landmarks of Paris. If you have enough time in your schedule, venture inside of the building to gaze at some of the most classic and renown masterpieces of all time.

Travel in a Rickshaw

One of the best ways to view all the streets of Paris in a short period of time is to jump on a rickshaw. Although they can be a little pricey, you can get a good look at the city. The ride itself is a sight-seeing experience, in a matter of time, you’ll see such much architecture.

Visit the Eiffel Tower

You can’t visit Paris without visiting the landmark that everyone recognizes, the Eiffel Tower. Although you may have to wait in line to climb the tower, it’s worth the wait. The best time to climb the tower is at dusk, so you can capture the sun setting over the town. It is a great and memorable way to end your day-trip to Paris.

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